Is there any pre-arranged Transfers?

Yes, there is pre- arranged transfers between Varna (VAR) airport- Albena Resort on the Arrival and Departure day of the Summer Camp. If you arrive to Varna Bus- or Train station, you will have to either self arrange your transfer to Albena Resort with bus or self arrange your transfer from the Bus- or Train station to Varna Airport and join the Transfer Busses to the Resort from there.

If you arrive in Sofia, you have the following options to chose from and self-organise the journey to Albena Resort. The prices listed are an estimate based on a pre-reserved ticket. Due to high demand, we recommend that reservations of the tickets, regardless of the means of transport are made earlier rather than later.

From Sofia to Albena Resort
Price: 32 EUR for a roundtrip
Time: 9 hours
More info & tickets: https://www.centralnaavtogara.bg/

From Sofia to Varna
Price: 28 EUR for a roundtrip
Time 11 hours
More info & tickets: http://razpisanie.bdz.bg/site/search.jsp

From Sofia (SOF) airport to Varna (VAR) airport
Price: estimated price 70 -150 EUR, depending on when the reservation is made.
Time 50min
More info & tickets: https://www.air.bg/en/

Do you need any help or have any questions regarding the transfers, please send an email to summercamp@youngsocialists.eu

What should i bring to the Summer Camp?

How do I find a Volunteer?

You look for someone wearing a T-shirt like the one in the image below!

I am a YES Veteran- can I come?

If you have held an elected position in YES (Secretary General/ President/ Vice President/Network Coordinator) you are welcome to attend the Summer Camp! For more information and registration, send an email to office@youngsocialists.eu , and please do so before the 2nd registration deadline (1st of July)!

I have no delegation- can I come?

If you are not member of one of YES member organisations yet, we encourage you to become one! YES Summer Camp is an event exclusively open for members of YES member organisations.