Bulgarian Socialist Party Youth Union (Bulgarian: Съюз на социалистическата младеж, SSM) is the largest party political youth organisation in Bulgaria, fighting for equality and end of poverty. Headquartered in Sofia, BSPYU brings together more than 5000 activists from all over the country.

Meet ELYA!

European Left Youth Alternative (Bulgarian: Европейска лява младежка алтернатива, ELYA) is the youth organisation of political party Bulgarian Socialdemocracy – Euroleft. Founded under the name of Youth organisation for civil unity of the Republic in 1994 it is the oldest acting political youth organisation in Bulgaria, the first full-member from Bulgaria of both YES (ECOSY) and IUSY.
The organisation has been participating in tens of international events and is as well founder of the National Youth Forum in Bulgaria – the biggest umbrella youth organisation in the country. The organisation goals are related with promoting political activity among young people, fighting for economic growth with social protection, for progressive taxation, for justice, social solidarity and against populist movements.