This registration guide is for YES member organisations.

If you are from a IUSY-member organisations (excluding the European Committee), please consult the invitation sent over email to your organisation or contact YES secretariat.

Step 1 – Nominate Your Head of Delegation

Every delegation will be led by a Head of Delegation, who represents the delegation towards the Summer Camp organisers. During the camp, the heads of delegation will meet every morning to discuss the programme and any open issues of the day.

Once your organisation has nominated a Head of Delegation, the following information regarding the nominated Head of Delegation

  • Full name,
  • citizenship,
  • date and place of birth,
  • home address,
  • email address,
  • phone number,
  • and a scan of the photo page of the nominated Head of Delegations’ passport/ID

 should be sent over email to YES Secretariat at

>>>> The subject of the email should be ‘’Head of delegation_your organisation’’  <<<<<

YES Secretariat will confirm the nomination by email.

Once the Head of Delegation is nominated, and confirmed by YES secretariat, the Head of Delegation will receive a password to fill out and submit the online registration form for all participants in the delegation in question.

Get a good deal for your delegation

If separately agreed with YES secretariat before the first registration deadline (10/06/2019), your organisation can reserve a fixed number of spots to the Summer Camp. Does the deal sound interesting? Or would your organisation like to learn more? Contact YES Secretariat! 

Step 2 – Register Your Participants

Once the Head of Delegation is nominated, and confirmed by YES secretariat, the Head of Delegation will receive a password to fill out and submit the online registration form for all participants in the delegation in question including the Head of Delegation.

In order to comply with the requirements, for every registered participant, the Head of Delegation will be asked to provide personal and passport/ID information for every participant.

YES will not accept any duplicate, (partly) blank or dummy registrations, or registrations using data that appears not to belong to a real person.

Registration deadlines

10th of June 2019: First deadline to register and pay

1st of July 2019: Second and final deadline to register and pay

Visa to enter Bulgaria
Please be aware that for participants who need to obtain a visa to enter Bulgaria in advance, the Head of Delegation will be asked to provide full information about the passport for the participant(s) in question. If a visa to enter Bulgaria is required, deadline for visa applications (invitation letters) by the Summer Camp leadership is the 15th of June 2019.

Age limits
It is our wish that member organisations would send participants that fit the age limit of the member organisation in question and are between 16 and 35 years old during the Summer Camp. For participants younger than 18,  the parental consent form from parent/guardian has to be filled out, signed and shared with YES. Note that participants under 16 will not be admitted to the Summer Camp.

YES Secretariat will confirm the list of your registered participants by email and inform you of any outstanding participation fees (see below) periodically.

Step 3 – Pay the Participation Fees for Your Delegation

Every participant (including the Head of Delegation) needs to pay a participation fee to participate at the Summer Camp. The participation fee includes:

  • Hotel accommodation for 5 nights
  • 3 meals a day (starting with dinner on the arrival day and breakfast on departure day)
  • transport from Varna airport to the Summer Camp and back – exclusively on the arrival and departure day.

The participation fee (per participant) are set to:

€ 170 if registered and paid before 10th of June 2019
€ 220 if registered and paid before 1st of July 2019

Registrations submitted after the 1st of July 2019 will strictly be subjected to availability and will carry a surcharge.

Participation fees has to be paid in advance (by the relevant deadline) via bank transfer to YES bank account using the following bank details:

Young European Socialists asbl
Rue Guimard 10-12
BE 1040, Belgium

ING Bank – Ixelles Place du Luxembourg Agency
Rue d’Arlon 26
BE 1050 Ixelles, Belgium
IBAN: BE60 3630 9176 5070

Mark all payments properly in order to avoid confusion by including the following information in the reference of  the bank transfer:

  • Transferring organisation
  • Country of the Organisation
  • the notice that the payment is for Summer Camp 2019 participation fee(s)
  • the number of participants you are paying for.

in accordance with the following fictional example:
[Social Democratic Youth SDY] – [Aldonia] – [SUMMER CAMP19 FEES] – [40 PARTICIPANTS]

Failure to include these elements in the reference may result in the payment being misallocated or lost.

The YES Secretariat will keep the Heads of Delegations informed on the totals of participation fees, due and if paid. 

Registrations cannot be cancelled, however, they can be transferred to another participant, subject to the payment of the relevant surcharge in accordance with the date on which the modification is made. In case of a no-show and/or failure of the payment of registered participants, the fees will be added to the membership fee of the organisation in question.

Step 4 – Communicate Your Means, Place and Time of Arrival

The Head of Delegation have to communicate the delegation’s means, place and time of arrival to the Summer Camp to YES Secretariat via an email to  The information about arrivals and departures must be shared with YES Secretariat before the 8th of July 2019. YES do not guarantee transfer from and to Varna Airport after the deadline.

Step 5 – Enjoy the biggest political youth event of the year!