Summer Camp Information

When and where?

YES Summer Camp 2019 will be arranged from 30th of July to the 4th of August 2019 in Albena Resort, Bulgaria. Arrivals of participants are expected on the 30th of July and departures on the 4th of August.

Participants can arrive by airplane or overland transportation such as train, bus or private car. The summer camp hosts are providing transport from and to Varna Airport.

What is happening at the camp?

The camp provides a programme full of political sessions, workshops and trainings as well as sports, culture and parties. You will have an opportunity to discuss about equality, solidarity, feminism, climate justice, human rights, environment, economy and many other subjects. Most importantly you will get a chance to meet and make new friends from dozens of different countries – all sharing our internationalist values!

The previous YES summer camp in Rota, Spain collected more than 900 young participants that came from 41 different socialist and social democratic youth organisations all over Europe. This time we are aiming for even more!

More detailed information about the summer camp programme will be uploaded to this page later this spring.

What is the Summer Camp venue like?

The Summer camp venue is located only fifteen minutes from the beautiful beach of Albena and in the heart of the resorts park recreation area . The accommodation will be provided in hotels with showers and toilets for every room. You will be accommodated with two other participants from your delegation of the same gender. The camp venue will have several workshop areas, a main stage and two restaurants that serve three meals every day. First aid and security are provided by the resort at all times. Accommodation, main stage, restaurants, showers and toilets in the camp as well as the beach are accessible by wheelchair.

What is included in the participation fee?

The participation fee includes:

  • transportation between Varna airport and Albena Resort on the arrival and departure day
  • welcome bag including summer camp goodies and printed material
  • all meals during the camp starting from the dinner of the arrival day and ending to the breakfast of the departure day
  • accommodation in hotel rooms
  • a full political programme with high level speakers, professional trainers and other experienced professionals for the whole duration of the camp!

 What are the Rules of YES Summer Camp?

The YES Summer Camp Rules must be accepted by the participants before entering the camp. YES has the right to change and adjust the rules before and during the summer camp.

Summer Camp Rules

  1. Appropriate behaviour is expected at all times. All participants are required to respect these rules and the YES code of conduct, to sign a statement to this effect upon registration, and to behave in a respectful way that does not disturb any other participants or organisers.
  2. The Code of Conduct and Summer Camp rules apply strictly to all the areas of the Camp, beach and also during leisure activities organised by Management Team (i.e trips, excursions, pride, concerts…)
  3. Smoking is not permitted in any covered areas, and the ashtrays provided must be used at all times.
  4. Excessive consumption of alcoholic beverages is forbidden. Neither YES, BSPYU nor ELYA Bulgaria will take any responsibility for the consequences of excessive alcohol consumption. In addition, note that consuming alcohol in the hot climate may induce additional effects. Due to legal provisions, no alcohol will be served to participants under 18.
  5. All illegal drugs are strictly forbidden at the Summer Camp. This rule will be strictly enforced.
  6. Accommodation places are strictly allocated to specific delegations and communicated as such to Heads of Delegation upon arrival. It is forbidden to occupy accommodation that was not allocated to the delegation.
  7. All accommodation and programme spaces are to be left in the same condition as they were at the beginning of the Summer Camp. Hygiene and keeping the entire Summer Camp clean is a common responsibility of all participants: participants are expected to use toilets and showers according to their purpose and to keep them clean.
  8. First aid  is available 24 hours a day. Do not hesitate to contact the first-aid station in case of any medical needs. Please ensure that your medical insurance is up-to-date: neither YES, BSPYU nor ELYA can be held legally responsible for any medical costs.
  9. The Summer Camp beach has a lifeguard service during daytime. Swimming anywhere during the night is forbidden.
  10. Participants are expected to comply fully with Bulgarian law: take note of the legal notes contained in the technical details. Neither YES, BSPYU nor ELYA will take any responsibility for or provide any assistance to participants who break the law.
  11. Any violations of these rules will be dealt with by the Summer Camp Management Team in the presence of the offender and her/his Head of Delegation. Any instructions by the Summer Camp Management Team are to be followed without question.
  12.  Excessive noise or rowdiness will not be tolerated: parties can only be organised in designated areas. Outside these areas playing loud music is not allowed.

YES Code of Conduct
– Summer Camp 2019

Regardless of the culture and norms – we act by outside of YES Summer Camp – we have our culture and norms based on YES Code of Conduct during the Summer Camp. YES Code of Conduct is our way to ensure that everyone, regardless of our differences and/or similarities feels comfortable and safe at the Summer Camp.

That’s why all of us, participating at the Summer Camp, have to read the Code of Conduct, sign it and participate in a sensitivity training at the Summer Camp. Once the three steps are taken;  we are ready to enter the Summer Camp. In brief; If you are not planning to comply – we say goodbye! 

What are we complying with? – YES Code of Conduct

  • That no participant should be treated disfavourably or have his/her dignity violated. The disfavourable treatment and/or the violation of a person’s dignity includes but is not limited to one of the seven grounds of discrimination: sex, transgender identity or expression, ethnicity, religion or other belief, disability, sexual orientation, age. We understand the six forms of discrimination: direct discrimination, indirect discrimination, inadequate accessibility, harassment, sexual harassment and instructions to discriminate. 
  • All participants are expected to contribute to the safe environment and well-being of other participants of the Summer Camp.
  • The understanding of every participant representing her/himself and/or an organisation, and not a country nor a government. 
  • The welcoming of the inclusive symbols of our movement! And we leave national and regional symbols (including flags) at home.
  • Always being 100% sure that physical contact is consensual: No means no and only yes means yes. We do not engage in any physical contact and/or sexual activities without obtaining the explicit and informed consent of all persons involved or present at every step. We know that personal boundaries may be different for each person and are defined individually: hence, we always respect other persons’ boundaries.
  • Respect of everyone and their rights in front of the law knowing that minors are present at the Summer Camp. 
  • No excessive or/and irresponsible consumption of alcoholic beverages and a zero tolerance of consumption of illegal drugs.
  • That regardless of the state of mind, we are never excused to break any of the principles listed above. 

What happens if someone does not comply – acts against the principles listed above?

If a person experiences or witnesses that someone is acting against any of the listed items above generating an unsafe or not welcoming environment, the one experiencing/witnessing can always contact someone from the Trust Team. The Trust Team will handle the issue with care. The Trust team values the privacy and protection of the one feeling unsafe/not-welcomed.

The Trust Team will be available 24/7 during the Summer Camp. The Trust Team members will be presented at the beginning of the Summer Camp and before the daily evening programme. Their names and contact details will be posted both online and offline.

The Trust Team can recommend The Summer Camp management Team the expulsion of a summer camp participant. In case of an agreement within the Summer Camp Management Team; a participant will immediately be expelled from the Summer Camp. In addition to immediate expulsion, where necessary,  the Management Team will not hesitate to report offenders to the police and to instigate criminal prosecution. Any instructions by the Summer Camp Management Team are to be followed without question. Member organisations whose participants acts against the Code of Conduct will be required to cooperate and asked to follow up on any incidents internally. In addition to this code of conduct, YES elected officials have to comply with “Code of Conduct for YES elected officials”. 

Trust Team and shifts